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Free Fire Pro Tips #1 Tips and Tricks by CSN Games

free fire pro tips

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks: Beginners and Pro Tips by CSN Games

  1. A List of Free Fire Beginners and Pro Tips to Help You Raise Your Rank.
  2. Knowing some basic and advanced free fire tips can greatly benefit in becoming a pro in the game.
Free Fire Pro Tips

Knowing some basic and advanced free fire tips and tricks is an important aspect on the road to becoming a pro in the game. Along with your gun fights in Free Fire, a visionary strategy puts you ahead of the pack.
Free Fire, with over 500 million downloads on the Google Playstore, is one of the most popular trends during the blockade, with players around the world trying to increase their rankings.
On that note, we offer you the best beginner and advanced tips to help you become a free Fire Pro, without spending countless hours playing the game.

1: Never Loot in open space

Free Fire Pro Tips

Every free fire player should be wary of looting. When you are busy looting bins, it is easy for enemies to kill you. It’s a very important Free Fire Pro tips.
Therefore, to avoid being an easy target, move the analog when looting. By using this tactic, it is impossible for your enemies to aim head shots at you.

2: Claw control

Free Fire Pro Tips

On the popular video platform, there are many videos that recommend players to change the controls.
However, it is best to use the thumb layout when playing Free Fire, as there are no complicated game-mechanisms for the game. Unlike PUBG Mobile, you can quickly adapt to the controls on Free Fire. So you must consider this Free Fire Pro tips.

3: Best Aim Precision

Free Fire Pro Tips

If your target is weak, it is recommended to use the default target accuracy with or without scope.
In turn, you land more head shots and cross hair automatically moves towards your target. Steps of Auto Headshot: Crouch, Scope, Zoom In, Crouch and Fire.
This feature is somewhat similar to the aim-assist feature on PUBG Mobile. Have a look on Free Fire Pro Tips in this article.

4: Sensitivity and Settings

Free Fire Pro Tips

The reaction time in a free fire depends entirely on the sensitivity settings. Therefore, it is essential to determine which sensitivity settings match your style of play. Copying someone else’s settings can get you in big trouble. Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks by CSN Games.

Adjust your sensitivity settings according to your device. On low-end devices with 2 GB of RAM, keep the sensitivity high, otherwise play with the default sensitivity.
General: 100
2x Scope: 52
4x Scope: 66
Red Dot: 30
AWM Scope: 82

5: Never take Unnecessarily jump-shoot

Free Fire Pro Tips

Free Fire Players Most people use the jump-shoot.
To get up when using a jump-shoot, you need to calculate your jump well. It is important to note that this fancy move will completely confuse the target. Therefore, before using it in rank mode, go to custom rooms and practice until you get it right.

6: Take Fights In Shrink Zone

Free Fire Pro Tips

Up to 80% of free fire players get nervous when the shrink zone is near, even if it starts, and soon the fight breaks out midway.
We suggest doing fights when you have the advantage, otherwise go back at once. Prioritize zones only in end circles, which can cause a lot of damage to players.

7: Sniping improves your aim

Free Fire Pro Tips

Another way to get better at free fire is to learn snip.
A sniper is required to eliminate opponents from a distance without facing a high risk of losing a team member.
Maintaining a one-shot-one-kill gun is difficult, and requires a lot of practice to master. You should play in solo mode, take a sniper with appropriate attachments, and start practicing every day.

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